Monday, 17 September 2012

Indian polity exposed : the renaming of Motihari Central University

The change of the Mahatma Gandhi Central University to North Bihar Central University has come as  shocking  to the nationalist and people oriented intelligentsia. Champaran district which has been bifurcated into Motihari and West Champaran districts of Bihar had been the first successful experimental lab for Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent movement for the liberation of India from the British yoke. It was quite appropriate to name the central university after the great Father of Nation whose struggles had provided us this national democracy. But the change as it comes from the Union Human resource Ministry of the Congress led UPA govt. is rather bewildering. Of course the Indian National Congress is just carrying on lip service to the father of nation, but this lip service too has given place to worshipping everything western or American. It is not at all surprising that this exposition has come just after the central govt. has decided to open its door to multi brand retail sector along with aviation and media to FDI. Now as the very legacy of Nehru-Gandhi has been given a good-bye, with the public  sector taking a back seat in the Indian economy, the question arises that which ideology the Congress is going to profess in order to survive in the Indian polity? Our honourable P.M has professed that ultimately he has found a way out of the current financial mess he has landed the country into. But how  far and at what cost are some of the basic questions that have to been answered to the voters when the Congress with its doubting allies go to the general election not so far away. Actually, the crisis of the present economy is the crisis of capitalist path of economy which is deeply  bound with the International capital with its center in USA. The economists who have studied in universities of the west have only the European model in their mind who seldom gave thought to the Asian model and their typical characterstics which have their own concerns and philosophy. Actually, there is basic difference between the philosophy of the Europe and Asia. Asia has been the harbinger of peace, tolerance and balance with stress on the basics of life. Whereas Europe’s philosophy has been basically enjoyment of life with whatever is earned with individual contentment with little or less regard for the community’s well being. European life has been individualistic  whereas Asian life has been socialistic. It has to be reminded once again that Mahatma Gandhi had the basic Asian or rather Indian philosophy of life while he drew up Hind Swaraj for the future development of the Indian economy. Opposite to the naive thinkers who thought Gandhiji’s Gram Swaraj as feudal and alien to the modern trend do not realize that the Mahatma had  the four cardinal principals of the Hindu religion in his mind when he sat to write Hind Swaraj the bible of the Gandhian workers. Material prosperity has not been the goal of Asian life as it is construed in the western way of life. There must be balance between the human life and the nature around us. This is where our economy has failed. We have encouraged big and huge factories which are catering to the needs of the market and not the common people of the famished and under nourished countryside. Our system of governance is still dependent on the civil servants of the British legacy and a poor or common person from the villager is still today looked upon in the govt. offices as somebody alien. Mr. P.M here is the point, where your govt. has failed to deliver by not providing efficient and people oriented administration. The present crisis can never be surmounted by opening the doors of the economy to foreign investors but would complicate it with wider political implications in the future  which the present govt. fails to foresee. But the coming days shall bluntly prove the fallacity of this system. History is going to repeat the past. 

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