Monday, 29 October 2012

On the occasion of Vijayaa Dashmi, the celebration of victory of Lord Ram over Raavan

Today is the  2012-10-24, the culminating day of Durga Pujaa which is celebrated all over the world by the devotees. This day is celebrated as Vijayaa Dashmi, the day when Lord Ram slew the demoniac king of Lanka Raavan, who was the embodiment of tyranny and oppression. On this auspicious occasion,  I wish health and happiness to the readers of my blog, Humaaraa Pyaaraa  Hindustan. Due to health and other mundane reasons I could not connect with you people who might have been expecting something special. Anyway, I take this holy occasion to share some of my thoughts pertaining to the situation all over the world and particularly India i.e our lovely country. Every year we celebrate this Vijayaadashmi with great fanfare but seldom we ponder over the deeper meanings of this festival and the relevance it has to the modern situation. The relevance is especially meaningful in the political context when every day the corruption and nepotism of the Indian polity is coming to light and still no light of remedy is seen to this deep rooted malaise which is eating into the vitality of the Indian economy and the society. Moral values has totally lost its place in the Indian politics as it is seen by the rigid and selfish attitude shown by our rulers and politicians of higher calibre. At a time when the ruling dispensation is caught in dozens of scams the accusations are no longer limited to the ruling party but has encompassed the main opposition party as well. Regarding the accusations at  BJP President Nitin Gadkari the RSS leadership has thrown the responsibility to the BJP leadership saying that the matter is internal for the party to decide. But it is well known that RSS was the main force behind the selection of Nitin Gadkari for the top post. This shows that the BJP too is not hundred percent clean as far as the integrity and honesty of its core leadership is concerned. May be that its NDA led government had not been immersed in deep rooted corruption as the ruling party, but it still has to prove its moral ground to become a viable alternative to the ruling combine. Actually,  the fact is that democracy has not failed but the politicians have failed to live upto the expectation of the people. This is proved by the anti corruption movements being launched by various civil society groups. The political parties should instead of shirking their moral responsibilities come clean in the various accusations of scam. If they fail to do so, then they should resign taking moral responsibility for the fingers pointing towards them. Corruption and nepotism has been institutionalised and hence the fight against it is going to be a long term one in which the civil society has to play a bigger role in days to come. The politicians have failed to evolve a system free of corruption and nepotism and hence the responsibility comes on the civil society as a natural corollary. Let all the conscious citizens of the country come forward to wage a non violent battle against the system which has become outdated. The time has arrived when we as the residents of India have to answer to certain questions of national importance. Foremost of is, has our constitution lost its relevance in the present context or whether the parliamentary democratic system which had been adapted from a country far more educated and conscious in terms of political terms proved its unsuitability  till date? Can we not learn from a small state of Sikkim or our small neighbour Bhutan which has been able to develop a political climate most conducive  for their socio-economic growth? Why even after six decades of freedom we have not been able to solve the secessionist problems of the North east and Kashmir? Why we have not been able to produce a single politician of the calibre and integrity of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Gulzarilal Nanda who were symbols of value based politics? I humbly agree with the Chairman of Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju that the people of this country are also to be partially blamed for the problems we are facing today. The parents of this country have lost the appeal of the ideal leaders and they have not encouraged their children to be inspired by them. They have been only encouraged to earn money and properties so that their children and grand children could enjoy the royal life whereas the common people are compelled to live in abject poverty and ignorance. The root of the present times has to  be sought in our educational  system as well which does not have scope of moral education. In the name of so called secular credibility we have deprived our students of studying the great moral scriptures Ramaayan, Mahaabhaarata and Srimad Bhagwatgeeta. The Christians and Muslims are in a better state as far as moral education is concerned,  thanks to the minority status provided to them. But what sin the Hindus. Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs have done to deprive them of their moral fibre? The burning of Raavan, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna would be meaningless if we fail to answer the above questions.